Company based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for more than 10 years, present in Europe and internationally.

Consulting, Business & Investissement.

Field of business advice and other management advice. Consulting and International Trade in various products of raw and refined raw materials, agro-food and import export of all products.

Our vision​

Trust a culture of quality received from big names in consulting, but also validate an alternative and committed positioning.

Marked by values of specialization, innovation, independence, entrepreneurial spirit and agility.

Values & Principles

Customer satisfaction is the main objective.

Continuity, characteristic of the competitive structure and understanding of innovation.

It is essential to protect and refine social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Our solutions

Development solutions & operational strategies.

Dice answers and operational solutions adapted to your development and strategy.

Information monitoring with a continuous and dynamic process subject to personalized and periodic provision of data or information.

The solutions provided to your request are processed according to a purpose specific to your needs, calling on our expertise in relation to your projects.

Multi-sector position

Euroconcept Invest gives each of these clients the benefit of their international multi-sector experience.

Present in several sectors of activity in Europe and on other continents, we have developed a rich experience, based on a very good mastery of the specific techniques of each sector.

Keep our commitments, be proactive and a force for development and proposal.

​​​​Data processing

Processing and dissemination of useful information without the framework of economic intelligence, i.e. all the coordinated activities of collection, processing and dissemination of transformation useful to economic actors, with a view to its exploitation.

The treatment of your project and activity according to the actions of influence and notoriety as well as those related to the protection of information.

Depending on your field of activity and location, a complete study with market analyzes in the micro and macro-economic system on all the parameters according to the specifications submitted.