Urea N46 Granular​


Agriculture Grade​

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Agricultural Grade Fertiliser

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Granulated urea N 46 is a nitrogen fertilizer entirely in ureic form. In the soil, urea must first be hydrolyzed into ammonia to be fully usable by the plant. The speed of transformation depends on soil temperature and humidity during the hours or even days following spreading. Its use requires special attention given the phenomenon of volatilization of ammonia into the atmosphere.

Urea N46% Granular​

We offer granular urea (n-46%). the product has 100% certification with the international standard. We have the potential to export or supply large quantity according to proper transaction procedure.

Application: Mainly used as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. It is used as a surface fertilizer, alone or mixed with other fertilizers.

Packaging: 50 KG bags or 1 Ton Big-Bag.

Delivery: FOB/CIF

Inspection: SGS OR ITS EQUIVALENT - Q&Q at port of loading and port of discharge.

Origin: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and various countries.